Bear Cubs and Bird

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Charles Lynn Bragg (American, b. 1952), son of artist Charles Bragg, resides and works in Los Angeles, CA. Lynn Bragg’s work reflects his views about the planet and environmental conservation. His work has been exhibited internationally and appears as illustrations for magazines and conservation campaigns. While his art appears in galleries across America, his primary market is Japan, where his art is disributed by Gallery Halcyon and Festa. The artist works in a variety of media, however, the subject properties in this collection are mostly giclթe prints. A giclթe print is created by using data from an original painting gathered by a scanner, then spraying four million drops of water based inks per second onto a spinning drum that holds the paper. The environmentally-safe inks are applied in droplets the size of a human blood cell with computer controlled accuracy. After the artist and the printer work on a number of proofs, the printer applies protective waterproof and ultraviolet coatings to the final version

Charles Lynn Bragg (American, b. 1952)
Bear Cubs and Bird”

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Two bear cubs and a bird sitting on a log in the forest

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Dimensions 15 × 11.63 in